Increase Your Ministry Impact with Ministry Rank.

Rank higher on Google, boost your relevancy to your community, and make your ministry more visible with Ministry Rank.
Maximize your witness for the kingdom.

Get Found and Leverage Your Ministry Impact.

With Ministry Rank, you can take your ministry to the next level by increasing visibility, reach, and relevancy with Google. Our proven strategies, combined with our optimization tools and insights, will help you get seen and heard by more people than ever before.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is overall term to increasing your digital footprint for kingdom growth. We have helped Hundreds of companies and ministries increase their SEO Rankings

Content Optimization

Optimized Content is the single most important key to higher search results. Knowing the right number and correct placement of words and images is key

On Page Optimization

The optimizing of your website which includes content, images, back end code and more is how you make sure you are ready for the future of your ministry.

Off Site Content and Linking

Acquiring Links and offsite content placement to help google and other websites see you as having higher authority is a pillar of the SEO World.

Data Analysis & Link Tracking

Learning everything we can to help your ministry stand out is key to our success. We do everything ethically, because we believe that what we do now matters later.

SEO Strategy

Building out a strategy or road map is crucial to knowing how we can help you succeed and how we can make sure we are all staying on the same page.  

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Increase your ministry’s visibility.

Expand your ministry’s impact and make it more visible to the public with Ministry Rank. Get help ranking on Google, increasing your relevancy to your community, and widening your witness for the kingdom.

Make your ministry seen by the world.

Expand your ministry’s impact and witness to the world by increasing your ranking on Google and making your ministry more visible. Ministry Rank is here to help you reach your community and grow in relevancy—ultimately creating a bigger impact for the kingdom.

Reach more people in your community.

Expand your ministry impact and reach more people in your community with Ministry Rank. Get ranked on Google, increase relevancy, and make your ministry more visible to the public—ultimately increasing your witness for the kingdom.

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO Expert is someone who has helped clients perform Search Engine Optimization and helped them rank higher on google, bing and other search engines. Before launching Ministry Rank, we were helping clients spend over $130,000 per month on SEO Related tasks, content creation, linking strategies and ads.  This led to helping them crush their competitors. 

Why should be spend money on online marketing?

For every $11 dollars you spend in print or traditional media forms, you will only need to spend $1 to get the same audience reach digitally.  The latest stats tell us that people look at items on their smart phones more than any other device or book.  You can even get a bunch of different versions of the bible on your phone. 

What is a Marketing Budget?

A Marketing Budget is how you spend your money to increase your reach and expand your footprint on building the kingdom.  Today’s world is fast paced and knowing how and where to spend your money is key. Here is a break down of how your money should get spent percentage wise. 

50% Developing  SEO Optimized Website, Social Media Channels and Creating Optimized Ads, Apps, and Linking Strategies.

20% Placing Backlink Strategies in Key Locations. Learning how and when to ask for backlinks to help build your online authority

15% Building Citations to make sure your ministry or brand is showing uniformity across the internet with the logistical information it provides.

15% Advertising.  This is where you are spending money on ads such as Facebook advertising, Google Business advertising, etc.

How many Ads should we purchase each month?

Ads are great, and we firmly believe that they have value.  However, well written content and media is still top dog.  When it comes to an advertising budget Ads should accoutn for roughly 20-25% of it.  

Is TikTok Really Important?

Tiktok has become a very important form of self-expression for many of todays younger people.   TikTok has also gotten into a lot of trouble with the government over the Chinese government spying through the TikTok software.  At this time we do not reccomend using TikTok, and if you wish to create those video shorts we encourage you to do so on Instagram Reels.  

Does My Website Need To Be Mobile Friendly?

Yes,  to capture audiences today, your content needs to be optimized for both mobile devices as well as computers.  Stats tell us that people dont want to click more than 2 times to find the information they need after they get to your website.  Having your website laid out in a way that will help people find the information they are looking for will lead them to higher rates of wanting to subscribe, purchase or complete the client journey within your site and not go look to your competitors for the answers. 


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